Closing weekend!
Now prime time at 8pm!

Read the review in the Portland Mercury here.

After six weeks of slaying late-night audiences, your favorite slain 80s character is now going prime-time, with 8 o’clock shows for the remainder of the run!

The beach babes are oiling their thighs, the Hampton harbormen are priming their speedboats, and two shmucky guys working in a Manhattan office building are about to embark on one of the sickest, darkest but totally radical misadventures ever to exist. The smash hit 2013 stage production of Weekend at Bernie’s is coming back, this time to the beating heart of Portland’s entertainment district in the red-hot new comedy theater The Siren.

The story of two bumbling guys who try to convince the world around them that their dead boss isn’t dead, Bernie’s features beach babes, mob bosses, boats, tropical frogs and fantastic 80s costumes. Running a sleek hour and 10 minutes, it’s a breakneck, whip-smart, silly and truly funny stage show.

If you loved the 1989 movie, you will adore this loving homage penned by some of the funniest comedy writers in town and performed by some of Portland's most seasoned comic actors. And if you thought the movie was stupid (which it kinda is) you'll still love this show. The original production met with rave reviews, including from the legendary theater critic Bob Hicks, who couldn't help but be charmed by the smartly crafted funscape that is Weekend at Bernie's Live.

So throw on a Hawaiian shirt, pound a few Mai Tais and get down to Chinatown for the must-see live comedy show of the summer.

Friday and Saturday Nights @8pm
The Siren Theater 315 NW Davis St
Closes July 30th!

The perfect way to start or end a night on the town

Weekend at Bernie's is playing at the up-and-coming Siren theater smack dab in the heart of Portland's old town club and entertainment district at 8pm. Clocking in at only an hour and 10 minutes, you can catch the show and commence a night of revelry without having to drive or park all over again.

Have the specialty drink "The Bernie" at The Boiler Room or Jones. Mosey over to Dante's or Kit Kat Club for live music or adult entertainment. Craving a doughnut? The famous Voodoo Doughnuts is just a five minute walk. Whether Bernie's is your kickoff to a night of wild debauchery, or the nightcap on a lovely summer evening of drinks and food, you're right there.

Collectively, the cast and production team of Weekend at Bernie’s has been in the comedy groups The 3rd Floor, Sweat, The Liberators, Bath Night, Ferraro/Totman and have appeared in 10 episodes of IFC’s Portlandia, guest starred or costarred on 6 episodes of NBC’s Grimm, TNT’s Leverage and ABC’s The Librarians, worked as regular performers or full DJ on PRI’s national Live Wire with Luke Burbank and Portland’s most popular radio show The Daria, Mitch and Ted show on 105.1 The Buzz, have appeared in various independent and wide release films (Wild, Gone, Twilight) and have performed comedy in Chicago, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

Starring: Jason Rouse, Tony Marcellino, Andrew Harris, Lori Ferraro, Kelly Stewart, Ted Douglass, Kevin-Michael Moore, Marshall Bradley, Greg Bigoni, Jack Rice and Savannah LaLaurie.

Adapted by Jason Rouse and Sean McGrath (Live Wire with Luke Burbank) and directed by Ted Douglass (The Daria, Mitch and Ted Show on 105.1 The Buzz), produced by Andrew Harris.

Larry Wilson

Tony Marcellino

"Why don't we pretend, that Lomax isn't dead?"

Playboy, slacker, up and coming sociopath. Larry Wilson puts the "me" in "I'm fucking crazy but having a great time." In 1989, he's a charming but shmucky guy willing to do anything to get laid. In olden times, he'd be called an evil necromancer.

Richard Parker

Jason Rouse

"I'm going to scream into your face!"

Richard lies awake at night wondering if he left the iron on, and then wonders why he has an iron, and then starts to cry. Smart and industrious... well, industrious, Richard is the tragic victim of circumstances he was directly complicit in bringing upon himself.

Bernie Lomax

Andrew Harris

"Tell her to clip her nails and bring some butter."

Harvard graduate, captain of industry, Bernie Lomax is not long for this world. A drug addicted, tropical frog-licking, womanizing maniac, Bernie leaves this world much worse than he found it. Even in death.


Ted Douglass

"Bernie, I don't get problems. I give problems."

As if this story needs a bad guy, this guy is pretty bad. Well, not 'partying with a dead body' bad, but still pretty bad. Actually, in some ways he's a victim in all this. When you feel bad for such a bad guy, these are bad days indeed.


Lori Ferraro

"I'll KILL that sonofabitch if he's two-timing me!!"

Ah, Tina. Perhaps if things had gone differently she'd have been a nice New York girl who married a nice guy and did nice things. But things didn't, in fact the exact opposite happened. And it just gets much worse from there.

Gwen Saunders

Kelly Stewart

"You're insane!"

Gwen, on the other hand, IS a nice girl. And a somewhat sane person. Sure, she ends up hooking up with the same guy who just helped desecrate a corpse, but you know what? It's the 80s, you guys!


Kevin-Michael Moore


A man of few words and fewer morals, Paulie really wants you to know that he's a good hit man. He might be a little rusty, but he's still got it. Only problem is, it's tough to kill someone who's already dead. Maybe that's part of the whole "rusty" thing? Ok.

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  • The Boiler Room

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  • Jones

    Abolutely THE best place to get your 80s and 90s groove on, Jones club is where amazing memories are both relived and made again. Truly, one of the best dance clubs in town, and just a couple blocks from the theater on 1st and Couch.

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  • Suki's

    Located under the Travelodge just across the freeway from PSU, it's easy to underestimate just how great a place this is. With karaoke 5 nights a week, stiff drinks and one of the coolest bar staffs in the city, Suki's has pretty much everything. Karaoke, pool, music, outside seating... and a great place to watch UFC, basketball, etc. without feeling like you're at a sports bar. Those of you who know us know that this has been one of our watering holes of choice for 10 years. We are not wrong in this.

  • Helium Comedy Club

    Bringing in some some of the biggest comedy acts in the country, Helium Comedy Club is unquestionably the most important comedy venue in the city, if not the Northwest. With venues in Philadelphia, Buffalo, St. Louis and Raleigh, Helium has almost single handedly put Portland on the national comedy map by providing a venue for some of comedy's biggest names while still holding open mic nights and supporting the local scene. If you like seeing live comedy and haven't been to Helium, run there. Run there fast.

  • Dante's

    One of the last, and certainly the best, rock and roll clubs in the city, Dante's is a fiery masthead of great live music and wild, old school burlesque entertainment. Featuring the longest running cabaret act on the west coast (Sinferno Sundays) and host to one of the best Pizza places in town (Lonesome's Pizza), Dante's is the place to go for face-melting rock or titillating entertainment. I met Sean Penn there once just sitting at the bar. That's how cool this place is.